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One Piece of Equipment,
Many Uses

The Vacuum Airlift™ or VAL™ is a patented technology that simplifies and enhances water management in nearly every water treatment application.
The VAL™ utilizes a vacuum to power an airlift pump resulting in a highly efficient and effective device. It is the only aquaculture technology that improves water treatment through combined water circulation, fine particulate extraction, and gas exchange in a single device.

VAL™ is a Foam Fractionator​

VAL™ provides unmatched removal of fine particles and pathogens.


Rising air bubbles in the VAL’s™ inner tube collect fine particles and form a foam at the top.


VAL™ collects this foam, which is then continuously vacuum-extracted and captured for appropriate use or disposal.

VAL™ is a Superior Solution

This side-by-side comparison of a traditional aquaculture system and one using two VALs™ that requires far less equipment and floor space demonstrates the advantages of VAL™ based RAS.


For descriptions of how VAL™ works in fish farms, shellfish farms, or hatcheries, and more detailed data on VAL’s™ technology, visit the Documents page.

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"TRADITIONAL" Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

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