What It Does

The Vacuum AirLift (VAL) is a unique system simultaneously enabling water circulation, particle skimming, CO2 stripping, and O2 dissolution.


Problem Solved

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Consolidates and simplifies the process.

Reduces operational costs.

Support healthy environment to raise fish.



CO2 - Enhanced CO2 stripping created through the combination of a vacuum and air bubble injection, immediately reducing and stabilizing CO2 levels to ideal levels to promote healthy fish rearing. The amount of CO2 stripped can range from 0.2 to 10 lbs/hour, depending on the configuration.

Aeration - Air bubble injection during CO2 stripping simultaneously provides additional needed O2 into the water. Depending on size and unit configuration, between 0.2 - 5 lbs of O2 can be dissolved per hour.

Particle Extraction - An effective foam fractionator that removes unwanted waste produced during the raising of fish. Focusing on microscopic particles, the VAL can remove upwards of 100% of particles less than 20 micro meters. Additional benefits include prevention of drum and bio filter clogging, as well as reductions in bacteria loads and pathogens.

Aquaculture Testimonials

The VAL has run perfectly for 2 years. We never had such clean water before. We increased our survival rate by 2%.
— Christophe Rivaud - Fish Hatchery General Manager (30 yrs. experience)

Current operation produces over 20 million fingerlings per year.

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Awarded by the Aquaculture Engineering Society of America