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Recycling Aquaculture System

Traditional RAS systems require
substantial gas stripping, aeration, particle
extraction, and HVAC subsystems
with multiple prime movers.

VAL™ based RAS reduces or eliminates auxiliary subsystems reducing complexity, physical footprint, and cost.

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VAL™ Provides Unparalleled Performance in a Single Multi-Functional Device

1. Lower CAPEX due to reduced equipment cost

2. Lower OPEX due to lower power consumption

3. Increased O2 levels due to VAL™ aeration and reduced BOD

4. Providing CO2 and other undesirable gas levels due to VAL™ vacuum stripping

5. Increased biosecurity due to removal of pathogens and contaminants as well as more effective UV dosing
6. Increased margin due to superior product quality and higher biomass production

7. Faster growth and higher survival rate due to improved fish health

8. Increased reliability due to simpler equipment

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