The Vacuum Airlift™ or VAL™ is patented technology that simplifies and enhances water management in nearly every water treatment application.


The VAL™ utilizes a vacuum to power an airlift pump resulting in a highly efficient and effective device.


VAL™ is the only aquaculture technology that improves water treatment through combined water circulation, fine particulate extraction, and gas exchange in a single device.




The intense rearing conditions in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) present numerous challenges. Water quality management is paramount. Livestock rapidly deplete the Oxygen supply, while producing Carbon Dioxide and solid waste. These actions quickly create an adverse environment. If not properly addressed, it can result in poor flavor, not to mention illness and death of livestock.

Challenges in Intensified Rearing Conditions




The essential elements of RAS water management are water circulation, clarification, biofiltration, degassing, and aeration. They create an environment conducive to livestock health and growth by removing unwanted fine particulates, dissolved solids and waste gases produced by fish, while replenishing the Oxygen they consume in respiration.


For a more detailed description of key problems in RAS aquaculture

Innovative RAS Water Treatment


The revolutionary, multi-function, patented VAL™ is the only aquaculture technology that combines water processing, fine particulate extraction, and gas exchange in a single, energy-efficient device. It extracts CO2, N2, H2S and other undesirable dissolved gases, while replenishing the O2 consumed in rearing and denitrification. It continuously extracts fine particulates and pathogens through foam fractionation that contaminate fish rearing water. 

The VAL™ Solution









VAL™ is a multi-function technology that outperforms other systems by combining four functions that otherwise require separate sub-systems into a single, powerful device.

VAL™ is a Foam Fractionator


VAL™ provides unmatched removal of fine particles and pathogens.


Rising air bubbles in the VAL’s™ inner tube collect fine particles and form a foam at the top.


VAL™ collects this foam, which is then continuously vacuum extracted and captured for appropriate use or disposal.


VAL’s™ multifunction performance capabilities make it uniquely powerful for sustainable RAS water management. Use the links below for an overview of how VAL™ specifically applies to Aquaculture, Technical Papers, or to view the full video.

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