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Successful Installation for Keraliou Oyster: Leads to Significantly Higher Yield

Thierry Larnicol of Keraliou, Julien Jacquety of Coldep, Emmanuel Briquet of Searen, and members of IDEE Aquaculture enjoy the summer sun, fresh oysters, and successful installation in Brittany, France.

Keraliou Oyster in Plougastel, France recently upgraded their shellfish purification system. They changed from a flow-through design to a recirculating aquaculture system featuring a Vacuum AirLift™. The upgrade provides the Keraliou facility with better water quality control and a significantly higher yield. The facility is able to operate continuously with no loss of product.

Company: Keraliou

Location: Plougastel, Britany, France

Function: Water purification for shellfish stock and depuration.

Equipment included in the system:

  • 1 VAL™1400

  • 1 vacuum pump

  • 1 compressor

  • 1 water chiller

  • 2 UV units

The new design utilizes a VAL™1400 to perform water circulation, carbon dioxide stripping, aeration, suspended solids removal, and dissolved organics matter removal for water clarification and biosecurity.

The new installation prompted the following testimonial from owner Thierry Larnicol:

"The VAL™ solution enabled the transition to closed circuit. Today we can shelter and maintain in perfect sanitary conditions up to 50 tonnes of shellfish per day, with great water quality and low operational cost."

Interested in learning more?

  • To learn more about Keraliou Oyster visit:

  • To learn how the VAL™ can improve quality and yield at a lower cost for your shellfish facility, contact us at

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