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VAL™ Installation for Shellfish Purification, France

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

A shellfish depuration system utilizing the VAL™ was installed in early 2020 at Sanchez-Huitres, a major oyster producer in southern France. After seeing the VAL’s™ performance in a demonstration conducted by Coldep in Montpelier, Sanchez-Huitres cancelled orders for a different system and immediately ordered VAL™ units. The system is now operational and prompted the following testimonial from one of the owners / managers:

"Our new building includes 60,500 gallons of shellfish purification tanks, for a total volume of 113,150 gallons to be treated, pumped directly from the lagoon. The initial plans included the conventional sand filter pumps and UV treatment systems. Switching from these technologies to the VAL™ has enabled us to consume 8X less energy, and a higher performance in terms of water quality, both in filtration and purification as well as in oxygenation." -Guy Sanchez - G.M. Major French Oyster Producer

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