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Latest VAL™ Installation Enhances Caviar Production in Madagascar

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

A VAL™ was recently installed at Acipenser Madagascar’s facility by Coldep, Searen’s sister company in Europe. Acipenser Madagascar is the producer of Rova Caviar Madagascar, one of the most desired brands of caviar in the world. It is also the first and only caviar-producing sturgeon facility in Africa.

The VAL™ was installed to improve water clarity and enhance the production of exceptional caviar. Caviar is prized for its unique taste and buttery flavor. The VAL™ extracts microorganisms and compounds from the water granting a positive impact on the health of the sturgeon and the flavor of the caviar. By extracting the microparticles and enhancing the water clarity the VAL™ increases the effectiveness of secondary treatment processes such as biofilters and UV or ozone disinfection.

The Acipenser farm is located in and near the rain-fed Mantasoa lake, surrounded by forest. Acipenser Madagascar manages its fish farm with a sustainable approach by integrating the facility into the breathtaking environment, respecting the health of the fish, and taking an active part in the development of the Analamanga Region. Acipenser maintains low densities in their cages to keep their sturgeons healthy. Temperature, oxygen, and pH parameters are monitored daily by the staff. They also produce their feed which enables them to monitor the quality of the raw, local materials used to create the granules.

The addition of the VAL™, and its environmental benefits, is a complementary addition to this sustainable approach. The Vacuum AirLIft™ utilizes a purely physical process with no chemical additives. It also captures and contains extracted wastes. The high efficiency and minimized auxiliary equipment lowers energy consumption, maintenance, discharge, and reduces the environmental footprint.

The Vacuum AirLift™ (VAL™) is a proven, game-changing technology that will improve the water quality in recirculating aquaculture systems for hatcheries, fin fish, and shellfish. The VAL™ provides a multi-functional solution to water treatment issues. The VAL™ is a patented technology that provides water circulation, gas transfer, and particulate extraction. By the novel combination of micro-bubble aeration and a vacuum pump, the VAL™ provides airlift pumping, vacuum gas extraction, aeration, and foam fractionation with high efficiency and effectiveness. The VAL™ improves health, flavor, and survival rates by maintaining a plentiful supply of oxygen, reducing dissolved CO2 and N2 levels, and extracting pathogens and off-flavor compounds. It improves profits through faster processing and lowers capital and operating expenditures compared to other solutions.

If you are interested in dramatically improving the water quality and cost management at your existing or planned recirculating aquaculture facilities, please contact us at, 513-400-3296, or submit an application inquiry. We’ll evaluate your current set-up and recommend our best solution tailored for your application. To stay abreast of the latest developments in VAL™ technology, follow us on LinkedIn.

To learn more about Rova Caviar Madagascar visit the links below:

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