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Finger Lakes Fish Inc.’s Local Coho™ VAL™ Installation, Auburn, NY

The latest VAL™ installation is up and running for Finger Lakes Fish Inc. in Auburn, New York.

The CEO Phil Gibson and a small team of aquaculture specialists continue to challenge the traditional RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) mold at Finger Lakes Fish Inc. in Auburn, NY. They developed and continue to operate the facility with sustainability and the health of the fish as cornerstones. As a result, Finger Lakes Fish Inc.’s LocalCoho™ was the world’s first RAS Coho salmon farm to be awarded Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification by the Global Aquaculture Alliance in October 2019. This third-party certification validates their commitment to environmental responsibility, animal health and welfare, food safety, and social accountability.

The system was designed by JLH Consulting Inc. of Vancouver Island, (JLH Consulting - Design and Building Aquaculture Facilities). The RASway design will be used for rearing five million pounds of Coho salmon when fully operational. The JLH RASway system is a low head design that reduces operating costs compared to other systems. The unique system improves the distribution of oxygenated, high-quality water throughout the tanks. The RASway installation was performed by Aquacare of Bellingham, WA (Aquacare Inc. | Controlled Environment Aquaculture Technology).

JLH Consulting’s energy-efficient design for Finger Lakes Farm Inc. features two VAL1200™ models. The VALs™ are used primarily for fine particle skimming while also enhancing CO2 stripping, aeration, and water circulation. The VAL™ was selected for this application to optimize fish health, quality, and yield.

Searen is proud to be involved with such innovative partners. For more on the sustainability initiatives and adaptability of Finger Lakes Fish Inc. and LocalCoho™ check out this article by RASTECH Magazine.

Email us at to learn how the VAL™ can improve your water quality while lowering costs. We will review your application and provide a free quote. Follow us to hear more about our latest installations and developments on LinkedIn.

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