The VAL™ is Compatible with Both

New Design & Retrofit Installations.

VAL™ models vary in Flow Rate, Gas Stripping, and Particle Extraction capacities. They can be used in both new and retrofit installations. 

  • Models are available for any size system.

  • Model sizes increase with performance.  

  • VAL™ serves multiple functions that otherwise would require multiple devices. This reduces equipment cost. 

Multi-functionality and vertical design conserve floor space and ease existing system installation.


To see how VAL’s™ multi-functionality reduces equipment needed, see the side-by-side comparison below.


The VAL™ based Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) is simple, reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

Traditional RAS systems require

substantial gas stripping, aeration, particle

extraction, and HVAC subsystems

with multiple prime movers.

VAL™ based RAS reduces or eliminates auxiliary subsystems reducing complexity, physical footprint, and cost.

VAL™ Provides Unparalleled Performance

in a Single Multi-Functional Device.

01/ Lower CAPEX due to reduced equipment cost

02/ Lower OPEX due to lower power consumption

03/ Increased O2 levels due to VAL™ aeration and reduced BOD

04/ Providing CO2 and other undesirable gas levels due to VAL™ vacuum stripping

05/ Increased biosecurity due to removal of pathogens and contaminants as well as more effective UV dosing


06/ Increased margin due to superior product quality and higher biomass production

07/ Faster growth and higher survival rate due to improved fish health

08/ Increased reliability due to simpler equipment

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