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VAL™'s Many Benefits

VAL’s™ patented technology provides enormous benefits to the fish farmer, consumer, and to the environment. Water quality management is paramount in Recirculating Aquaculture’s high density rearing conditions. Fish farmers face significant challenges and unparalled VAL™ based opportunities. Fish rapidly deplete the oxygen supply, while producing carbon dioxide and solid waste. Untreated, this contamination leads to off flavor and bio-security issues. Pathogens in the water create the risk of human illness and death.

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Challenges Faced in Intensified Rearing Conditions


The revolutionary VAL™ is the sole aquaculture technology that improves efficacy and simplicity of impurity removal through water circulation, fine particulate extraction, and gas exchange in one reliable, energy-efficient device.

  • VAL™ improves interior and exterior air quality.

  • VAL™ materially cuts capital equipment and operating costs.

  • VAL™ alone delivers these results in all key land-based aquaculture environments (shellfish, fish, hatcheries).

  • VAL™ performs successfully in North America, and in the European Union, where quality, health and environmental regulations are stringent.


VAL™ is Particularly Effective at Water Processing

For a side-by-side comparison of a traditional aquaculture system and one using VAL™

  • In standard air injection systems, air moves about three times its volume of water, a 1-3 air to water ratio. VAL’s™ technology moves up to 10 times the volume of water, a 1-10 ratio. For a more detailed technical description of how this works

  • VAL™ removes undesirable gases from water, including CO2, N2, and H2S that can harm flavor and cause illness and death in livestock. It does this through a combination of air injection and vacuum extraction that immediately reduces CO2 to levels ideal for healthy livestock rearing. For a technical description of how this works

  • VAL™ removes solid waste, including microscopic particles produced during livestock rearing. Waste can harm flavor and cause human illness and death. VAL ™ does this using Foam Fractionation.

  • VAL™ operates at superior rates in water processing, gas exchange, and waste removal.

  • External pumps are not needed, because VAL™ itself is a pump.

  • VAL™ performs these multiple functions in parallel. They would otherwise require separate systems.

  • VAL™ uses no chemical additives.


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VAL™ is Effective in Improving Air Quality

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VAL™ improves the environment within aquaculture facilities by limiting the impact to water and air temperatures, improving the working environment and reducing HVAC costs. VAL’s ™ ability to process large water volumes using low air volumes reduces the energy demand for heating, cooling and ventilation.

VAL’s ™ vacuum extraction system significantly improves outdoor air quality. Extracted foam containing undesirable waste and gases is transferred outside the facility, where it is captured for processing and disposal. For more details on Foam Fractionation, read this downloadable Case Study, or watch the video

Case Study: Foam