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The revolutionary, patented, VAL™ is the sole aquaculture technology that improves the rate and simplicity of impurity removal through water circulation, fine particulate extraction, and gas exchange in one reliable, energy-efficient device.


Hugely important, it is the only multi-function unit delivering consistent results in a wide range of land-based aquaculture environments (shellfish, finfish, hatcheries, etc.).


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Maintaining high water quality is critical to the successful operation of a fish hatchery. To avoid pathogens, pollutants, and other contaminants, water is generally sourced from deep wells. Unfortunately, the high pressure in deep wells frequently leads to high levels or even super-saturation of undesirable dissolved gases. The presence of these gases can have detrimental effects on the delicate hatchlings.

Supersaturated nitrogen can lead to Gas Bubble Disease (causing lesions, convulsions, blindness and death). High levels of carbon dioxide lead to reduced growth and high mortality. The toxicity of high levels of hydrogen sulfide also leads to high mortality. Other dissolved gases, such as VOCs, have a detrimental effect on fish health. Conversely high levels of dissolved oxygen are required for proper growth and health. Poor dissolved gas management negatively impacts costs by increasing hatchling mortality and reducing quality.

Water Treatment Challenges Faced by Hatcheries

Fish Hatchery Gas Management

Case Study

Case Study in Dissolved Gas Management

The VAL™ continuously removes undesirable dissolved gases from hatchery water through fine bubble gas exchange and vacuum extraction. If left in the water stream these gases dramatically decrease the survivability of the fish hatchlings and fingerlings. By injecting oxygen into the processed water stream, the dissolved oxygen level is raised to the level needed to ensure healthy and energetic fish fry.

A VAL 600™ recently installed at a western US fish hatchery achieved the following dissolved gas results:

Christophe Rivaud - Fish Hatchery General Manager Since 1994

Current Operation Produces Over 20 Million Fingerlings/Year

"The VAL™ has run perfectly for 5 years.

We've never had such clean water before.

We significantly increased our survival rate."

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