What It Does

The VAL provides a multi-functional solution for problems currently plaguing the microalgae industry. It promotes healthy algae cultivation by simultaneously circulating water, stripping oxygen, and increasing carbon dioxide levels in water; all while consuming less energy.

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CO2 - Direct CO2 injection on the down flow provides enhanced algae productivity through increased consumption of carbon dioxide.


Oxygen Removal - Regulates O2 levels in water.


Harvesting - Effective microalgae harvesting tool that can concentrate up to 100x and reach concentration of 20 g/L through self-flocculation (within minutes).


Circulation - Eliminates the need for paddle wheels and other water circulating equipment. Consumes only 5 W/m^3 of water displaced.

Algae Testimonials

“The VAL is the only system I’ve seen yet with the potential to accomplish all three functions:

(1) circulation, (2) O2 & CO2 mass transfer and (3) particle harvesting.”

— Peter Lammers - Arizona State University Professor

Current operations at the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation